Access-Manage-ProtectKeeper Technology, LLC has provided integrated technology data storage solutions to government and private sector clients since 2005. Our customers rely on our solutions to access, manage, protect, and store dozens of petabytes and billions of files.

Keeper Technology solutions solve today’s most challenging data storage and processing issues for industry and the intelligence community.

  • Data Storage System Architecture, Deployment, and Support
  • Clustered/Shared File Systems Design
  • Tiered Storage Architectures (ILM)
  • Workflow Management
  • Performance Tuning and Optimization
  • Customized Cloud Storage Solutions

Our solutions focus on enterprise data management on a scale of hundreds of terabytes into the petabytes. Our solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s big data environments include:

  • “Future Proof” Unified Storage Platform: We harness the best of the open source community with our own technology to enable scalable, internal, private, Cloud storage infrastructures.
  • Data Management: We combine a clustered file system plus policy-based data management, resulting in high-speed data sharing with cost effective content retention.
  • Object storage: We offer purpose built object storage platforms, to meet the demands of Big Data, providing limitless scaling and elasticity, making large data repositories immediately accessible, automatically protected and dynamically managed.
  • Disk Storage: Not all spinning disks are created equal. We provide unique disk offerings that can provide substantial value to our customers’ demanding environments.
  • Flash Storage: We supply flash memory arrays, 100% solid-state storage arrays built from the ground up to harness the full power of flash memory.
  • Support: We provide a high level of customer support for all our solutions. That includes on-site support response with an emphasis on quickly restoring operational status – no matter what the root cause.

We also provide focused consulting services centered on solving the most challenging data storage and data processing issues for both industry and the intelligence community. We provide SCI cleared, senior-level expertise to advise customers on evaluating systems, performing trade studies, inserting new technology, analyzing performance, developing concepts, and executing on-site support for large solution deployment.

Our team’s extensive experience in the commercial and government mass storage industry brings a wealth of knowledge of real-world implementations to our customers. They offer a combined 300 years of experience in designing, deploying, and supporting mission critical operations meeting storage and retrieval rates into the GB/s and capacities into the Peta-Bytes. Keeper Technology personnel have worked with a variety of intelligence community customers since the early 1990’s, supporting critical mission objectives by architecting very large data repositories.

Our founder David Donald formed Keeper Technologies in 2005, leveraging his strong capabilities and his network of customer-oriented executives and engineers. Our team has designed, developed and maintained some of the most demanding, sophisticated storage environments in the world. Our executives and engineers maintain active SCI security clearances to support our government intelligence community customers and since the late 1980s have showcased deep experience within the intelligence community supporting critical mission objectives by architecting very large data repositories.

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