Keeper Technology, LLC was formed by David Donald in Spring of 2005, to leverage his capabilities and his network of customer-oriented executives and engineers to solve the most challenging data access, management, and protection issues. Mr. Donald provides a unique combination of business, managerial, and technical skills and is experienced in the architecture, design, integration, and support of enterprise storage solutions, both personally and as a team leader.

Throughout Mr. Donald’s 20+ year career, he has contributed to the success of several storage industry related companies including Metrum Information Storage, Vangard Technology, and Advanced Digital Information Corporation (ADIC). Mr. Donald’s experience includes positions as Vice President of Engineering and Executive Director of Solutions Architecture leading teams to design, deploy, and support highly complex data management solutions for some of the largest data storage and processing applications in the world.

Mr. Donald holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Colorado.