Continuous access to your mission-critical data is essential. In today’s fast-paced, data-driven world, downtime is not an option if your organization wants to maintain its competitive edge. Your data solution needs to keep pace with your constantly evolving computing and processing needs. You can’t afford to lose access.

The Keeper Technology approach results in access methods that allow you to transform data into information. We leverage cloud, object, disk, and tape technologies to design data storage solutions that meet your technical requirements and fit within your budget.

We achieve results through our own products and through partnerships with leading hardware and software vendors. Some tools we use to design systems with high-performance data access include:

  • keeperSAFE: Our keeperSAFE appliance integrates with little disruption, accelerates dynamic big-data workflows, and protects against system downtime.
  • Quantum StorNext® data management: This software solution helps customers build an infrastructure that better enables high-speed data sharing and workflow operations.
  • Disk-Based Archives: Keeper Technology offers Forever disk archives built with wide area storage, making high volumes of data immediately available on demand.
  • Flash Storage: Flash storage can eliminate bottlenecks and keep data processing levels high.

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