Technology changes rapidly, and your data management system is no exception. Government and commercial entities alike demand cost effective, dynamic, future-proof solutions to solve pressing data management problems.

Your data is a critical asset but the options are overwhelming. Keeper Technology’s experts can help you leverage the best of today’s technology to manage and protect your mission-critical data.

Nobody builds better Big Data storage solutions.

We build, upgrade, and support customized data management solutions that meet your most stringent technical requirements; cookie-cutter solutions out of the box need not apply. And, as part of our commitment to the highest management standards, Keeper Technology provides high level of customer support for all our data management solutions, including on-site support response with an emphasis on quickly restoring operational status.

Products we employ to build systems and manage your data include:

  • keeperSAFE: Our own keeperSAFE appliance assimilates seamless into your existing architecture and scales based on your needs, providing future-proof data management solution.
  • Quantum StorNext®: This solution combines a clustered file system with hierarchical storage management, resulting in high-speed data sharing with cost-effective content retention.
  • Disk Storage: We can recommend disk storage offerings that provide substantial value to your demanding environment.
  • Flash Storage: We offer 100% solid-state storage arrays built from the ground up to harness the full power of flash memory.
  • Tape storage: If tape storage products fit into your data management plans, we offer products that fit your requirements.