Increase Productivity by Lowering the Cost of Storing and Accessing Data

ArticoQuantum’s Artico™ Intelligent NAS appliance provides a flexible, low-cost entry point for archive, with the ability to scale to store petabytes of data as demand grows. Users can start with a standalone NAS appliance with 33TB of usable storage that can seamlessly grow by upgrading disk storage to 73TB as well as by attaching archive storage that can scale to petabytes and support up to a billion files.

Powered by StorNext® 5 data management policies, Artico stores and retains data in a tiered storage system that intelligently places the data on the right technology at the right time, both on-premise or in the cloud.

Artico is an economic approach to online storage, allowing users to move active data seamlessly from primary storage to less expensive storage while maintaining full access to all files.


  • Fully integrated, NAS-based solution
  • High-performance shared disk storage
  • Enables collaborative workflows
  • Cross-platform collaboration across Linux, Windows, UNIX, and Mac OS X operating systems
  • Compatible with SMB1 (CIFS), SMB2, SMB3, and NFS v3 protocols
  • Built on StorNext 5


33TB usable RAID Storage
User-based, Group-based, Active Directory, Open LDAP Access Control
ANTF, LTFS Tape File Format
Standard 8Gb Fibre Channel Active Storage
Quantum Scalar Archive Storage Support
Self-encrypting drives
6 Rack Units
Dual controllers with automatic failover
Dual active/active array controllers
Redundant power supplies and cooling fans and fiber channel ports
Mirrored RAID cache

Use Cases

Artico can manage archive data across all forms of storage platforms. That means users can start small to accommodate environments that are just getting started, and grow to petabytes of tape, object storage or public cloud storage, as their data needs grow. Artico is ideal in industries such as:

  • Media and Entertainment
  • Broadcast
  • Postproduction Service Organizations