The Intelligent Tape Library for Enterprise Archive, Disaster Recovery, and Long-Term Data Retention

Quantum-ScalarThe Scalar® i6000 tape library was designed to ensure that data is secure and available over long periods of time. It scales up to 180PB of data, supporting large enterprise storage environments. Capacity-on-Demand offers fast, flexible, and non-disruptive growth, easing the difficulties of managing dynamic storage requirements.

High availability features like Dual Robot and Path Failover allow the library to continue to operate despite failures of library components or even failures within the SAN fabric. The Extended Data Life Management feature (EDLM) ensures your archived media is trouble-free so the data is available when you need it. Security features like FIPS-compliant encryption key management safeguard your data while in the library and after export.


  • Proactive and automated monitoring and management
  • Policy-based data integrity checks
  • Capacity-on-demand
  • Non-disruptive scalability: add storage capacity from TB’s to 75PB’s
  • NAS 
Tape Archive: drag and drop files directly to tape for archive in an open standard format
  • Extra Layers of Security with AES 256-bit tape encryption and FIPS-compliant key management solution


iLayer Intelligent Software
Active/Active Dual Robots
Extended Data Life Management (EDLM)
Integrates with StorNext® Storage Manager
Archive tapes inside the library
Store almost 12.5PB* in a single 19-inch rack without compromising cartridge access performance
Non-disruptive bulk loading
Fast independent cartridge scan/inventory
Path Failover
Smart Bulk Cartridge Imports/Exports
Modular Architecture with Continuous Robotics
Capacity-on-Demand Growth
Scalar Key Manager Support | FIPS-validated Solution

Use Cases

Scalar libraries are reliable and cost-effective solutions for storing, managing, and protecting data long term, enabling greater data retention and high performance storage workflows, ideally suited for the following industries:

  • Media and Entertainment
  • SaaS providers