Spectra Logic develops data storage solutions that solve the problem of short- and long-term digital preservation for business and technology professionals dealing with exponential data growth. Dedicated solely to storage innovation for nearly 40 years, Spectra Logic’s uncompromising product and customer focus is proven by the adoption of its solutions by industry leaders in multiple vertical markets globally. Spectra enables affordable, multi-decade data storage and access by creating new methods of managing information in all forms of storage—including archive, backup, cold storage, private cloud and public cloud.


Spectra support – Spectra Logic provides superior service to minimize disruption and technical issues. With everything from 24/7 live support to onsite solutions and self-maintenance programs, Spectra meets the support needs of every customer.

Dedication to storage solutions – For four decades, Spectra has developed storage products and services that stay innovative, meet the changing demands of technology, and remain ahead of the exploding volume and speed of data growth.

Industry expertise – Download a host of white papers covering relevant topics, such as:

  • Migrating data to new libraries
  • Annual data storage outlook
  • Amazon Glacier
  • Managing and archiving creative media assets
  • Choosing the best archive solution for video surveillance


  • Tape storage – Scalable, affordable, accessible. Store, archive, and backup large amounts of data for decades.
  • Network-Attached Storage (NAS) – Simple, affordable, mid-tier disk storage.
  • Object storage – The answer to multi-tiered, large data sets, store data forever at a low cost. Combine standard interfaces and storage targets, including cloud, to move data seamlessly for a modern approach to hybrid storage solutions.


Spectra serves multiple industries very well due to our flexibility, dedication to storage, partner relationships, and technology integrations.

  • High performance computing
  • Media and entertainment
  • Video surveillance
  • Federal
  • General IT – To include healthcare, finance, and energy.

See a list of case studies here.