Quantum ATFS

Quantum ATFS, a network-attached storage platform, addresses the most pressing challenges organizations face in managing storage and data. ATFS improves operational efficiency and increases resources’ productivity.

Leverage data classification, metadata, and business-oriented tags to streamline storage consumption. Just in time data placement reduces the demand on performance tier capacity, thus reducing the system’s overall cost without sacrificing performance. Integrate with workflow managers such as MAM or SLURM to manage data placement on NVMe, bulk, or cloud.

ATFS facilitates a symbiotic relationship between data and storage; data insights inform policy and automation engines, delivering higher levels of productivity per storage resource deployed whether on-premise or in the cloud.

All data ingested into the ATFS system via NFS or SMB is tagged and classified. Users may visualize data in virtual file system views for collaboration across users and organizations without creating duplicate copies nor loosening data security. Purposeful data placement is how ATFS delivers data to applications when and where the workflow needs it.

Integration Facts

You've invested countless resources into your current data management solutions. There's a way to keep those systems, and make the upgrade necessary for inevitable changes.

keeperSAFE® assimilates into your existing environment by directly supporting your existing protocols. Download a use case sheet to learn how.