Your Last Line of Defense Against Ransomware

Ransomware is just one of many threats that can impact your business data. With a 5X increase in attacks and 6X in new variants, prepare yourself with a solid backup strategy to protect your environment and limit any incident or vulnerabilities.

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Ending the Vicious Cycle

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The Rising Threat of Ransomware

Ransomware is a class of malware that prevents users from accessing their systems or data and demands a sum of money to be paid in return for the decryption key. This has resulted in billions of dollars in losses with over 2 million incidents reported in 2019. These cyberattacks are getting more sophisticated and are holding organizations hostage until they pay millions in ransom. The reality is that you either pay the ransom or you keep an offline copy that is disconnected from the network to restore your production environment.


An Offline Data Copy for Ransomware Protection

An organization’s data is the most valuable currency. Although most companies regularly backup data, they are still vulnerable to ransom attacks that target entire networks and backup systems, and even the cloud. Tape storage is the most effective protection against ransomware, because it provides an offline, air-gapped copy that can easily be restored. It’s your last line of defense—simply because criminals can’t delete or encrypt what they can’t access over a network.

To help protect you against ransomware threats, we’ve created Quantum Ransomware Protection Packages. Three pre-defined Ransomware Protection Packages—small, medium, and large—are available at various capacity points. These are specifically designed to be the most secure way to store your critical data, truly offline.

Ransomware Protection Package Features

Ransomware Protection Packages come in three pre-configured versions to simplify the selection process for choosing the capacity you need protected. Feature highlights include:

  • Ransomware Protection Packages come in small, medium and large capacity points fully loaded with security features.
  • The Active Vault feature, only available in Quantum’s Scalar tape libraries, builds on tape’s inherently secure offline nature by creating a totally offline vault within the library itself creating a secure “Ransomware-Free Zone.”
  • Quantum’s unique Active Vault feature can combine with military-grade encryption and Write Once Read Many (“WORM”) technology to create an ultra-secure place to keep a backup copy of your data.
  • The packages can be sold with new system purchases or may be purchased separately for existing Quantum Scalar i3 and Scalar i6 tape libraries.
  • These packages can be customized depending on customer needs. Prices may vary.