Automated, intelligent systems providing flash speeds at a fraction of the cost


QXS hybrid storage is a family of primary storage systems that make it easy to select the perfect system for your environment and budget. QXS hybrid systems are customizable and scalable by alternating key elements. While all QXS hybrid systems are available with intelligent tiering, the QXS-3 Series features a balanced mix of reliability and availability; the QXS-4 Series delivers the optimal mix of performance, cost and storage density while the QXS-6 meets the IOPS requirements of the most demanding workflows.

QXS storage enables IT to achieve the perfect blend of flash and disk to meet all their requirements with respect to reliability, performance, and cost.


  • Intelligent, automated, real-time tiering
  • Maximize performance regardless of disk type or configuration—all disk, all flash or flash and disk
  • Designed for demanding sequential I/O performance
  • 1-button configurations optimized for specific workflows and applications
  • Designed for reliability; redundant design eliminate single points of failure
  • Available in a variety of configurations, including up to 3 tiers of storage within an array, and seamlessly support additional SSDs, HDDs, and expansion chassis


HDD and SSD Cache Options
Thin Provisioning
Automatic Pooling
Dual RAID Controller (Active/Active)
RAID Rapid Rebuilds
RAIDar 2.0 user interface
8Gb/16Gb FC or 1/10Gb iSCSI
Scale to 96 Drives (SFF) – 3 Expansion JBODs
Scales up to 384TB
NEBS-compliant for Telco
Point-in-time snapshots
Asynchronous replication

Use Cases

QXS hybrid storage is customizable using a variety of controllers, chassis, devices and software tools to create the optimal solution to ensure mission-critical applications are always available. The systems will perform, without failure, in extreme conditions and are ideally suited for the following market segments:

  • Military
  • Telecommunications

Transform the economics of your storage and data center environment.

By incorporating Quantum’s QSX storage array, KeeperSAFE provides your line of business or mission with an affordable solution – leveraging cost, manageability, reliability and performance.