Approximately ten years ago, the motion picture industry shifted away from analog film and began recording straight onto digital. This transformation revolutionized the way movies are now created, edited, archived, and distributed. As the process changed, so did the information that is captured.

Stockpiles of data are now collected, stored, tracked, and logged. Studios have terabytes of information that must move through different workflow actions. As digital files pass through various hands, how can they maintain version control? How do they keep it in the right hands?

The American Society of Cinematographers understands the importance of the industry’s movement: metadata. Metadata preserves the integrity of creative works, adding data intelligence, management, and governance to their digital repositories. It tracks color, voice, camera details, and other information throughout filming – and it is attached to every file the studios collect. They know that metadata can be a powerful tool; they just aren’t sure how to harness it.

Keeper Technology Solves the Hollywood Dilemma

Major motion picture companies are looking for answers:

  • How do we store massive amounts of data effectively and efficiently?
  • How do we produce an audit trail to track files throughout the entire production cycle?
  • How can we protect access across different studios and production houses?
  • How can we establish version control, ensuring everyone is always working on the right files?
  • How do we keep all the data secure and out of the public’s eye before its release?

The clear answer to Hollywood’s needs resides in keeperSAFE with Intelligent Data Management Technology (IDMT).

The keeperSAFE storage appliance can resolve capacity predicaments by serving as a flexible, scalable storage backbone for each company’s system. Keeper integrates the keeperSAFE platform with a customer’s existing legacy hardware, eliminating the fear of costly downtime or access delays. Furthermore, keeperSAFE can grow exponentially with a company, giving it a storage solution that is future-proof.

IDMT Uses Metadata to Set the Rules

IDMT is the missing link when it comes to tracking digital assets. Through metadata, IDMT offers a powerful analyzer engine to index and manage existing data stores while improving data efficiency, access, and workflow. Its high-performance, automated metadata extraction translates into automatic audit trails and revision histories. It can even be used for replication and federation on data repositories across the globe.

IDMT provides:

  • Unique pipeline optimization and collaboration
  • Robust file versioning for revision control
  • Access controls at a granular level
  • Incomparable search functionality through indexing and grouping
  • Remote file sharing across multiple sites via data federation

IDMT enables studios to know what they have, where it is, who has access to it, and what they are doing to it.

Harnessing Valuable Metadata Leads to Workflow Intelligence

The motion picture industry can experience incredible, time-saving advances thanks to keeperSAFE with IDMT. They can supervise data access, manage workflows, and ensure proper file versioning.

They will no longer have to worry about data leaking to the public, or having the wrong files sent off for editing. As files are moved to different studios and graphic houses during the editing phase, everyone will know which versions to use. Files will be protected from unauthorized access by controls that go beyond user and group management. And with metadata leading the way, finding data will never be easier.

Motion picture companies can contain their immense digital repositories in secure, dynamic, and comprehensive ecosystems with keeperSAFE and IDMT. With data under control, they could focus on the future, preparing for where technology – and metadata – will take them in the next ten years.