Retirement Living TV (RLTV) is a cable network that can be viewed in more than 25 million homes throughout the United States. Its offerings do not stop with cable and satellite providers; it also serves as an online destination, attracting the 50+ audience with informative articles and a vast video library. In 2008, RLTV successfully launched as a 24/7 network, affording itself continual growth and progress.

No other network focuses on the 50+ demographic like RLTV. In fact, 80 percent of adults over 40 lament that there is no television programming that resonates with their lives. RLTV knows that “experience matters,” and the network strives to fill that void in programming with shows that appeal to more mature viewers. It offers original, Emmy Award-winning content that varies from financial planning to inspirational stories.

A Proactive Investment Pays Off

One Sunday afternoon, the air conditioning stopped running at the RLTV building. Without the necessary cooling, the server room heated to the point where storage systems began to shut down – one by one – all throughout the Storage Area Network. The failure imposed a daunting task on RLTV; it had to recover all of its files, and quickly. The network couldn’t allow this incident to impact their around-the-clock programming or online access.

Luckily for RLTV, it had already hired Keeper Technology to implement a data solution. With StorNext and a customized hardware appliance, RLTV’s legacy hardware had been seamlessly upgraded to meet its challenging requirements:

  • Access: RLTV needed rapid data ingestion and transparent, shared access. Its 24/7 content needed to be available immediately, with no downtime.
  • Management & Protection: Video editing required complex data management and version control. RLTV needed to know where every piece of data was located, and who had touched it – all inside a rapidly changing environment.
  • Storage: Original programming necessitated scalable storage. RLTV desired intelligent, tiered storage that could grow with them and handle the massive storage capacity that video demands.

Keeper Technology promptly arrived on the scene that Sunday to get RLTV back up and running. Within no time, its 30 terabytes of spinning disk and 3,000 hours of video were restored. With Keeper’s exceptional enterprise support and proactive planning, everyone was able to breathe a collective sigh of relief.

After that Sunday event, RLTV knew that it had chosen wisely. By integrating its existing hardware with StorNext and tailor-made Keeper software, all its media and entertainment data needs had been met. It had maximized its performance and uptime, expanded storage, and instituted access controls. With the data burden no longer an issue, RLTV was able to resume its focus on its unique, mature programming. Experience really does matter.