Global consulting firms face a myriad of access and storage issues. Privacy laws in different countries mean that data has to be handled properly or companies may face stiff penalties and fines. Many groups struggle to meet client demands due to hasty access controls and versioning confusion. In addition, multiple office locations around the globe typically equals a variety of storage infrastructures – due, in part, to rapid growth from acquisitions.

Consultants in these companies often work long and erratic hours, and because their offices rest in several different time zones around the world, employees are constantly opening files that are being edited by others. Data is frequently lost, and version discipline is a logistical nightmare. Consultants need to be able to work with data at other sites, but they also need to harness their workflow processes for more effective collaboration.

Global consulting firms need:

  • Active workflow support
  • Comprehensive asset management
  • Granular access restrictions
  • Efficient data federation
  • Flexible storage

Keeper Technology’s Solution Starts with a Global Backbone

To solve the everyday problems a global consulting firm faces, Keeper Technology’s keeperSAFE is poised to serve as the backbone for any storage system. The keeperSAFE storage appliance is the epitome of elastic storage. It provides a purpose-built, on-demand storage system that can be scaled to meet the needs of any firm. It can also be used in conjunction with the existing hardware at every site, making the cloud-based architecture a cost-effective storage solution.

Solving Access and Workflow Issues

To equip the firms with data governance, Keeper offers keeperSAFE with Intelligent Data Management Technology (IDMT). IDMT would allow companies to perform access oversight at a level that goes well beyond just groups and users. Files can be limited based on metadata fields – either extracted automatically as data enters the system or manually defined by management – so that only the right people have the ability to see the data and documents that they need. Assets can be regulated by any variable – comments, tags, annotations, labels, and more.

With access management, version control will also be simplified. As metadata is ingested, audit trails are created behind the scenes. IDMT’s policy engine will unite multiple sites and facilitate productive teamwork. The audit trails and access controls will help to ensure that workflows run smoothly; there would be no more losing work or working on the wrong file.

IDMT’s federation features can push data to multiple systems while its powerful query engine can run dispersed queries to mine data from interconnected servers. Although data would be available from any office at any time, firms will always know where it is, who has touched it, and who can manipulate it.

The data intelligence and structure that keeperSAFE with IDMT offers can alleviate the access and storage concerns of consulting firms around the globe. Firms would obtain elastic, truly optimized storage that works in every office environment, and they could secure audit mechanisms and access oversight that would keep them in check with privacy laws. Companies would be able to handle customer requests quicker than ever, increasing client satisfaction and enabling them to take on more projects. Everyone can win with keeperSAFE with IDMT.