Eight years ago, a federal intelligence agency came to Keeper Technology for help. The agency collected enormous amounts of data every day and had a forward-looking architecture in place, but even the most state-of-the-art storage system wasn’t fast-paced and scalable enough to handle their massive data flow. With their storage requirements outpacing technological advances, they tasked Keeper with engineering solutions to support their mission.

They had several major difficulties:

  • Quantity
The agency’s mission necessitated storing petabytes of data. With terabytes coming in daily, they demanded a system that could manage that volume and feed it into their Linux cluster containing hundreds of nodes.
  • Variety
The agency was gathering data from a variety of sources and methods. The answer had to be able to handle information from documents, forensic findings on compact disc, thumb drive data, and reports on situations and people – both digital and written.
  • Organization
Simply storing the data wasn’t going to be good enough. Information had to be organized and structured in a way that it could be accessed and analyzed quickly.
  • Flux
The constant flow of information meant that results and conditions were always going to be in flux. The storage environment needed to evolve with the data, offering a dynamic place for it to be accessed and archived.
  • Contrast
The input and output were almost always exponentially different in size. The system needed to accept this differentiation and remain productive.

Along with resolving these issues, the agency requested that Keeper’s solution would:

  • Allow on-demand data accessibility
  • Make connections and relationships with the data through queries
  • Maintain a 100-percent reliability rate – 24/7/365
  • Have the capability to rapidly recover data in case of a breach or loss

Driving the Mission with Stability and Scalability

Keeper Technology has already guided the agency through several technology iterations. As data collection techniques have advanced, there are more data types demanding additional storage space; they are now dealing with exabytes rather than petabytes of information.

Keeper combined a commercial, off-the-shelf storage appliance with a variety of hardware and Keeper-developed software to serve as the system’s baseline solution. As the system evolved, they integrated keeperSAFE, an object-based storage platform, giving the agency the scalability and elasticity they need to accomplish their mission objective.

The addition of keeperSAFE allows for agile resource aggregation without costly congestion. Its future-proof architecture ensures seamless, non-disruptive hardware and software integration as new technology is developed. The modular design enables on-demand expansion – allowing for more storage capacity when the agency needs it.

To support mission interest, Keeper has engineers embedded in the agency’s operations. It is a real partnership featuring dedicated support and data storage solutions. Keeper will persist in its proactive search for new solutions for the federal organization. Partnered together, they will keep the vital mission on course.