Nobody Builds Better Big Data Storage Solutions.

Your data is a critical asset in a complex, fast-evolving IT world.
Whether in the private or public sector, you need high reliability, fast performance,
and low maintenance, all within your budget. You need Keeper Technology.

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Keeper Technology designs solutions to leverage advancements from cloud, object, disk and tape technologies while matching performance and response profiles to your specific technical and budget requirements. This results in access methods appropriate to your workflow and operations, allowing you to transform data into information.

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Keeper Technology delivers solutions to manage your data. We build, upgrade, and support the best customized data management solution to meet your most challenging requirements. Schedule a consultation with us today to discover more about our capabilities and how they can work for you.

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Keeper Technology protects your data, not only with our technology but with our people. Our engineers, many with security clearances, have more than 250 years of experience solving the most demanding data storage and processing issues for industry and the intelligence community.

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Keeper Technology Solutions

Keeper Technology, LLC has provided integrated data storage solutions to government and private sector clients since 2005. Our customers store & protect dozens of petabytes and billions of files using our systems. Learn how you can leverage our experience to solve your enterprise data storage and processing needs. We offer flexible solutions and products that work with your existing systems, your new deployments, and your budget. Schedule a consultation today.

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keeperSAFE: The Future Proof Data Storage Solution

Scalable, flexible, and secure: keeperSAFE is Keeper Technology’s answer to the challenges of data management and storage requirements today. The keeperSAFE storage appliance integrates seamlessly into your system and provides high-end, private cloud storage scalable to your organization’s changing needs.

Affordable data storage the way the cloud intended."


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Big data storage challenges are here to stay.
Here’s how to meet the new demands.