Keeper Technology has long experience building systems that protect the most demanding, sophisticated, and sensitive data storage environments in the world. Our engineers, with combined decades of experience, maintain active security clearances in order to better support our customers in the government intelligence community.

Leverage this expertise to your advantage. Our data management experience helps us design data storage solutions that truly protect your data. Keeper Technology offers you peace of mind with custom-built data storage that replicates, encrypts, and protects your data. We can create solutions that take advantage of the flexibility of cloud-based technology, but with the security and privacy your sensitive data requires.

Nobody builds better Big Data storage solutions.

We focus on enterprise data management challenges on a scale of 100s of terabytes into the petabytes. Our team has collectively over 150 years of industry experience building and supporting some of the most demanding and sophisticated storage environments in the world. Each engineer has at least a decade of experience building and supporting the solutions Keeper Technology provides. Our personnel also maintain SCI security clearances to support our government intelligence community customers.

To protect your data, Keeper Technology offers a wide products and solutions that can be assimilated into your data management system, including:

keeperSAFE: Our storage appliance protects your data with continuous backup and encryption, and allows for scalable, internal, private Cloud infrastructures.

Disk-Based Archives: Forever disk archives built with wide area storage protect high volumes of data, yet make it immediately available at any time.

Flash Storage: We offer Violin Systems flash platforms that harness the full power of flash memory.

Tape Storage: Tape is still a durable archive tier medium for protecting your data; we provide tape products that fit your requirements.

Case Studies

Restoring Access and Saving Data in the Media & Entertainment Industry