Today’s Storage Challenges

Within a ‘data-centric’ enterprise, core operational capabilities become business critical issues, ejected from the relative comfort zone of daily IT operations. Tying data manipulation and information extraction to organizational success or failure requires critical necessities such as:

Data moves quickly these days. Downtime is not an option, and inefficient architectures are not practical given current data velocity. The challenges will only grow as data ingest rates increase. Enterprises are yearning for breakthrough technologies brought forward by expert solutions providers that deliver real value and solve today’s issues while still supporting future scalability.

Expert Solutions:
Added Value Beyond Just Service

KeeperTech showcases top notch engineering talent with many having more than 15 years in the Data Storage and Management field. A typical “Keeper Engineer” is passionate about solving complex data challenges using the latest innovative technology. They often rotate to many different customers, depending on the need, or severity of the customer concern. Keeper team members build invaluable relationships with our clients to understand their requirements and advise on system design and build to optimize application performance.

In addition to providing strategic level support, Team Keeper provides hands on guidance and management. We often are responsible for managing, monitoring, and troubleshooting our client’s infrastructure and networks providing daily operations support to systems architectures such as capacity management, performance monitoring, provisioning, and network systems connectivity. We believe our engineers are an invaluable resource to each individual customer by providing hands on support while offering independent points of view when issues occur, thereby leading the team to solve our clients’ complex problems timely.

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Keeper Technology (KeeperTech) is a versatile strategic IT partner that helps organizations navigate between business needs and technology solutions to advance and support the mission, balance costs and reduce risks. We leverage our team of highly certified engineers and architects that use proven methodologies to design and implement innovative solutions. Founded in 2005, Keeper Technology is a Virginia-based small business and systems integrator helping to solve today’s most challenging data storage and processing issues. Keeper Technology offers unique big data storage platforms in order ensure reliable and agile data access, management, protection.

From the start, our team actively engages with the customer to truly listen to and discover their pressing concerns and objectives. Once engaged, these talented engineers set out to analyze and optimize customer operations in order to better architect, configure, test, and install unique working solutions. We scout the storage marketplace, then thoroughly vet the best of breed and/or tap into our product arsenal to deploy a custom solution that meets customer needs. Whether what is desired is high performance, deep archive, increased IOPS or infinite scalability, Keeper goes the extra mile to pull the solution together. If a product does not exist currently in the marketplace that will adequately meet the customer’s requirements, Keeper goes the distance to actually develop a unique product set from the ground up. This was the case with our KeeperSAFE storage appliance where we tightly integrated open-source software defined storage, a Keeper developed universal operating system using single pane of glass GUI together with fully vetted commodity hardware. Currently as per a customer request, we are actively developing a data analytics engine for identifying insider threats resulting from internal emails. As KeeperTech has grown, we have remained focused on our core mission to provide hyper-converged data storage and data management
solutions to answer pressing customer demands.

KeeperTech has decades of experience assisting a wide variety of customers with the architecture, deployment, and support of high-performance data storage and data management systems. The KeeperTech team is available to assist at any point in the customer decision process.